Friday, 30 December 2011

What to do on New Years Eve?

So tomorrow is the dreaded day. Weary after the Christmas rush followed by the Chrimbo Limbo days, which never seem to mean limbo for me, just everyone else in The Furrows I am now gearing up to providing an exciting NYE for the turnagers (that is not a typo). EVERYONE else they know has such a rave and we are SOOOO boring. Oh how I dream of those halcyon days when there was no pressure to do anything on NYE as we had no chance of getting a babysitter. Or the following years when just the very fact of staying up until midnight was excitement enough. Now that their sleeping patterns seem to be, go to sleep at 1am get up at 1pm the novelty has well and truly worn off. Fortunately the eldest has reached the age where she can go out and find her own entertainment.

So that leaves us with the 16 and 13 year old, living in the middle of the countryside (which I might add is also SOOOOO boring) where the nearest entertainment that will allow under 18s in, is a good £50 round trip taxi ride away and neither of us is willing to drive anywhere, We have settled for the same as last year as we grown ups really enjoyed it. The neighbours will be coming round for a meal, each household providing a course which sounds lovely to me. But how to make it "exciting" for the turnagers.

When I was growing up my parents always had a party for the neighbours (but they lived in a village so there were more of them) which involved food and party games and quizzes. However I suspect games and quizzes will be SOOOO embarrassing to my turnagers. So what do I do? All suggestions gratefully received......