Sunday, 8 January 2012

No Clothes for a Year

No, I'm not doing a Lady Godiva or becoming a naturist - I live in the North East after all. Just thought that title might grab your attention more than "No New Clothes for a Year"

I have made a pledge to buy no new clothes for a year. This year will actually run until January 5th 2013 as I bought a new pair of boots on Thursday. The self imposed rules are: no new clothes except underwear - nobody wants to see my boobs sagging as the year goes on, I can assure you. Anything I haven't worn in the year will be going to a charity shop.

My inspiration was this article 

However I am nothing like this woman. I didn't spend my teenage years being fashion obsessed, I don't drool over designer clothes or clothing magazines and I most certainly don't have spare clothes in the attic. It may be easier for me than her as I will probably not be as tempted as her but on the other hand it could be a lot harder as I am starting from a much smaller wardrobe. Now if someone said I couldn't buy stationary for a year that would be a very different matter. OK so I do Paperchase now and then......

I will intermittently blog about my challenge over the course of the year so that you can check up on me and nag me about it too.

This is what I am starting with.......bring on the clothes dye!

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